WHAT'S BREWING NOW? 4 YEARS LATER...                                            October 23, 2017

Dan and Peter Chekijian have been busy. For the last 4 years they have been planning the TWIN FORK BEER COMPANY's new brewing facility, here on the East End. They are inches away from the approval of their site application on a 2.1 acre parcel in Riverhead, what is now considered to be the gateway for the East End Tourism.

They have developed a demand for the flagship CHROMATIC ALE from Montauk to Greenport to Manhattan and up into the Hudson Valley and the Catskills.

Since launching their CHROMATIC ALE they have added their CRESCENDO IPA and a seasonal release of LEGATO STOUT, the naming of which remains true to their musical background influences.

The just released TWIN FORK CRESCENDO IPA has all of the presence and characteristics of a traditional IPA, (Indian Pale Ale). It is full flavored, well-balanced and has generous notes of grapefruit, citrus and floral hops with an especially smooth finish, following suit of the CHROMATIC ALE. 

Their LEGATO STOUT is dry and smooth with a hint of coffee and coco, and again, that TWIN FORK BEER COMPANY signature smooth finish.

WHAT'S BREWING?      as published in DANS PAPERS                                November 14, 2014

The East End is well known for it's many vineyards but did you know that there are 4 breweries with several more in the planning? They range in sizes from small batch operations, known as nano-breweries, to pub brews, which brew and serve on premises, to full-scale production breweries, and we are about to add one more, the TWIN FORK BEER COMPANY.

Two brothers, Dan and Peter Chekijian, who actually are identical twins, are about to launch their brand of all grain beer. They come to this new venture from varied backgrounds, giving them special skill sets and sensibilities, particularly suited to the task. Their father, George, was an organic chemist who taught college chemistry and owned and operated his own manufacturing facility. Son of Armenian immigrants, George was not only a chemist but also a classical pianist. Not surprisingly, all of the Chekijian children grew up playing music on multiple instruments; the oboe, cello and , of course, the piano, instilling not only a love of music, but also discipline and a good work ethic.

Dan and Peter followed their father into manufacturing as teenagers, starting on the shop floor and eventually taking control of many facets of the business, including outside sales. Anxious to branch out and utilize their skills, they sought other business opportunities. In 2002 Dan opened his own outdoor construction business with a focus on excavation and masonry. In 2005 Peter's father-in-law, Joe Lobito, began to import wines from Friulli region of Italy. The two brothers cased both the forks of the East End, as well as Manhattan, on evenings and weekends, "serving, pouring and selling" Mr. Lozito's imports. Good looking and convivial, they learned the business and began thinking about maybe starting their own winery.

Researching the possibilities of starting a vineyard, they came to the conclusion that there were already many and the competition would be stiff. Then there was a shift, an old idea they used to throw around, came back into focus. Dan and Peter spent many summers on the ocean barbecuing and fishing with their buddy, Jeff McKay, where they would pass the time talking about their dreams. Jeff  wanted to open a bar. He and his wife, Christine, now own Vines & Hops Cafe' on Main Street in Riverhead. Dan and Peter always mused about making beer and all these years later, it has finally become the right time to, "Make some beer!" Sometimes dreams do come true.

Peter took the first step. He bought a home brew kit. With his manufacturing background, before he even started, he felt the need to modify the kit. He did his research and made his first batch in 2008. It was 5 gallons, making 38 bottles of pale ale and he was not at all confident that it would be even drinkable. He let it sit for a month or two in his basement when his wife, Michele, finally insisted they try it. Lo and behold, to their amazement, all agreed, "It was good!"

That's enough to fortify the inspiration into real action. Peter doubled down on his research and joined a Home Brew Club. There were +/- 50 people of all skill levels, but common to all, they were eager to plumb the depths of fine beer making. The first hurdle, for the beginner, is to obtain a consistency, and their beer had that from the very start. Between the Home Brew Club and the twin's chemistry and manufacturing background, they began to produce beer. As with the many wine makers here on Long Island, beer brewers too, are a sort of brotherhood, easily sharing secrets, technologies and encouragement. The Long Ireland Brewery, in Riverhead, took Peter in as an intern, mentoring and inspiring, happy to nurture a new member into the beer brewing society.

So what's brewing? The TWIN FORK BEER COMPANY, that's what. Their beer is fermenting now and ready for public consumption now, this November. TWIN FORK BEER COMPANY is self-distributing and, for the moment, only available on tap. You can follow them on their web page at www.twinforkbeer.com where you can sign up for their mailing list of events. Look for the distinctive TWIN FORK tap handle, which these twins use to recall a musical tuning fork and a nod to the twin forks of the East End and there you will find speciality beers, all of which will be full grain, hand-crafted and in the mid-to-high range in quality and price.